Healthcare delivery model innovation has a new home

Achieving meaningful change in your organization is anything but simple. Noteworth’s innovative products and services get you there.

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Our approach stands out

A deep understanding and appreciation for patient and clinician needs is the foundation of a strong innovation program. Our professional services combined with a unique suite of software and digital tools provide a clear vision and path for ensuring your most important stakeholders are fully enabled and successful.


Establish strategy and drive project selection

Aligning social impact and system outcomes with advancing strategic vision is a struggle for healthcare organizations. These decisions shouldn’t require handwringing. Tested methods for project selection can help your organization manage the need for positive health outcomes and good financial returns.


Scope and manage multi-stakeholder projects

Interdisciplinary teams are, by their nature, optimistic and ambitious, and often allow perfect be the enemy of good. Don’t sacrifice progress at the expense of perfection. Work quickly and efficiently with clinicians, designers, engineers and business leads, and empower both near-term and long-term thinkers to excel.


Balance short and long term goals

Executives desire transformative and disruptive breakthroughs, but struggle with the longer timeline required to demonstrate and deliver value. Innovation must be assessed on both short-term impact and long-term return-on-investment. Measure and weigh your results against the full project timeline.


Measure and attribute success

Innovation is risky. Determining success and attribution metrics are extremely difficult concepts in healthcare, and often leads to unrealistic goals and demoralized teams. Focus, instead, on your program thesis and core concepts, and measure incremental but critical successes in near real-time.


Implement and scale

Integration is not implementation. Implementation is the outcome of designing and launching a new product or service for your staff and patients, and requires varying types and degrees of support to transition from idea to development and then to launching and scale.


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Introducing the first platform purpose-built for healthcare model redesign


Tools of the trade

Healthcare leaders must overcome substantial operational and technical barriers to drive the innovation process within their organization. We provide the tools, processes, and infrastructure to support the full innovation cycle from ideation to pilot to scaling.


Align and design

Change isn’t coming—it’s here. Not only are changes in reimbursement and care delivery testing organizations, but recent entrants from the retail and technology sectors are also requiring organizations to rethink their approach. The Noteworth platform drives your strategy all the way to execution with innovative modules that enable your experts to design and deploy new tech-enabled care models with ease.

Strategy, Goals, Analytics and Initiatives

Deliver effective and efficient care

With the proliferation of value based care and population management, healthcare organizations are shifting their focus to quality and cost efficiencies. These are not just business needs or IT challenges - they are workflow needs as well. Noteworth’s clinical tools optimize every click and download to improve quality, change practice patterns and drive outcomes.


Create patient enablement

Today’s consumer no longer accepts traditional healthcare models, and seeks better access to care, more ownership of their care journey, and improved customer service. To increase patient satisfaction and patient retention, organizations need to provide more convenient access to services and a smoother, more engaging patient experience. Noteworth patient enablement tools match the right resources with the patient needs at the right time, leading to more satisfied patients, better retention and improved transitions among care settings.


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Where Noteworth can impact your organization.

We help healthcare organizations transition to value-based models of care to maximize patient interactions and billable time, and create programs that lead to increased patient satisfaction and brand loyalty.


Diabetes Management


Heart Failure


Aging in Place


Chronic Care Management


Remote Patient Monitoring


High Risk Pregnancy


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