Frequently Asked Questions

What is Noteworth? Noteworth helps drive patient activation by seamlessly tying smart medical devices, data and support together into a fuller healthcare experience that promotes collaborative success. With access to a more complete patient health narrative delivered directly to their existing electronic medical records (EMRs), we position physicians to deliver more informed and proactive care.


Can I see what Noteworth would look like before I purchase? Of course! We would be happy to provide a demonstration box of devices and an onboarding experience to the care team as well as an individual patient. For more details, please Request a Demo.


How much does Noteworth cost? Our service is all-in: devices, support and software for a flat per-patient price. To learn more about our pricing models for practices and health networks of all sizes, please see the Platform page.


If a patient has multiple conditions, does that change the pricing? All patients that are a part of the Noteworth program are subject to the same flat, per-patient price, regardless of severity or number of health conditions.


Is the cost of devices included in the per-patient fee? Yes, all devices including shipping, support, and concierge onboarding appointments are included in the flat fee.


Which of my patients are eligible for Noteworth? We believe that everyone has the right to live life feeling healthy. We not only help patients manage chronic conditions, like hypertension and diabetes, we help them achieve general wellness. We will work with you to help identify and select at-risk patients that could be a fit for the platform. See the Providers page for more on common use cases for Noteworth.


How are patients selected? Our team reviews a panel to select patients that, based on qualifying metrics, we would recommend for our program. The patients selected are reviewed by the physician and their care team and only those confirmed by the care team will move forward to the Noteworth program.


Who will help me and my patients get started? We handle it all--from initial setup to ongoing technical support--for both you and your patients. Our knowledgeable support staff is here for you and your patients.


My doctor said that they signed me up for Noteworth. How do I get started? Your doctor has chosen to enroll you in Noteworth because they care about your health. A box of devices will be shipped to your home. Follow the simple instructions to set things up yourself (it’s easy!), or schedule a concierge appointment with us and we’ll walk you through it all.


What if I need helping using my devices? Tech support is here to help! Please call the phone number included in your Noteworth box for help with your devices. You can also see your provider for a review of proper device use.


Which apps and devices do you currently connect with? We offer over 400+ integrations (and counting) with FDA-approved devices from the top manufacturers in the industry.


How can a physician prescribe preferred devices? We offer over 400+ integrations (and counting). For Standard and Professional customers, we curate the best devices for your use case for you. With Enterprise, we will work with you to ensure we are able to integrate with your preferred devices and corresponding apps.


What if my patients already have their own devices? We provide patients with all the devices they need in their Noteworth box they receive upon enrollment in the program. They should follow their doctor’s order re: discontinuing any devices they may be currently using to switch to the Noteworth-enabled ones.


What if a device is lost or no longer works? Send an email to We’ll make our best attempt to find a solution. If determined necessary, we will consider device replacement.


How does Noteworth protect Personal Health Information? We understand that your patients’ personal health information is sensitive, and we take privacy seriously. Our platform delivers robust, HIPAA-compliant security and privacy functionality out of the box. Please see our privacy policy for more information.


How will my information be used? Your info is encrypted, and only shared with the physician. In the same way that your care team can see your personal health data when you’re in the office, only your care team will be connected the efforts you make at home to meet your wellness goals.


Will I assume any liability if I use Noteworth? There is no legal liability held by either Noteworth or any participating physicians, care teams, or practices. Noteworth is not a real-time solution, and there is no requirement of immediate response to any reports or Focus Notes*.

What if one of my patients wants to cancel the program? We think your patients will find our program easy-to-use and beneficial, but we understand that the realities of life can make it difficult to commit. If your patient wants to cancel, just send us an email at, and we will process the cancellation.


Can a friend or family member get Noteworth, as well? Yes. Have them talk with their doctor about enrolling them in Noteworth. If the provider does not currently use Noteworth, please encourage them to reach out for a demo, or more information.

* Focus Notes are currently only available in a limited beta. Sign up for the beta here.

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