Noteworth’s Engineering Team works tirelessly to raise the bar of healthcare software with technology-agnostic, user-centric development. We’re looking for a Software Engineer to join our team.

This person will implement user interfaces and data visualizations that make complex data accessible and useful for patients and their healthcare providers. Your primary responsibilities will include developing front-end components of Noteworth’s web-based application, improving the user experience and visual elements, and working with our Engineering and Product teams to implement thoughtful data visualizations.

 About You

  • 2-3 years working with Javascript

  • Experience building visualizations with D3 or another visualization library

  • Experience with React and Redux

  • 2-3 years working with high level backend programming languages (Python, Ruby, etc.)

  • Knowledge of API architecture development

  • Experience with SQL database

  • Experience developing and deploying a product in a production environment

  • Involvement with the open source community

  • Experience working with version control tools

  • Knowledge of development best practices (Agile, Code Reviews, Linting, Testing)

  • Build system tools - grunt, gulp, webpack

  • Familiarity with using Amazon Web Services

  • Excited about making a difference in healthcare through technology

  • Passionate about contributing to an empowering culture of learning, teaching and personal growth