5 Must-Read Articles for Healthcare Leaders this Week

Still getting back to your routine after the long Labor Day weekend? Take a look at some of the most notable healthcare industry news we’ve been reading:

1. Harvey Evacuees Leave Their Belongings—and Health Records—Behind

In the wake of catastrophic flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey, many patients’ usual points of care were inaccessible. Interoperability proved to be a serious blocker to evacuees seeking treatment wherever they could. Can the Patient Unified Lookup System for Emergencies (Pulse) program counteract the medical record void during natural disasters or other catastrophes?


2. Should CMS continue mandatory bundled payment models?

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently proposed a new rule that would cancel two mandatory bundled payment programs, and drastically scale back (and make voluntary) a previously mandatory bundle. Healthcare payment reform is a knotty issue, but as the single largest payer for health care in the United States, should CMS force healthcare organizations to evolve into a value-based world?

3. 10 best hospitals to work for, ranked by employees

Of the 5,000+ hospitals in the U.S., which are the best to work for? Indeed compiled a top 10 list of the best of the best, as rated by 15+ million employee reviews on the job posting site. Did your organization make the cut?

4. Hospital mergers are slowly building monopolies, but regulators rarely intervene

Hospitals have acquired so many independent practices in recent years that they’ve created near-monopolies. New research sheds light on this trend, showing that large doctor practices, many owned by hospitals, exceed federal guidelines for market concentration in more than a fifth of the areas studied. How did this happen? How will this drive up the cost of health care?

5. Say “Hello!” to Dr. Jerome Adams, the next surgeon general of the United States

Dr. Jerome Adams, an anesthesiologist by training, was sworn in today by Vice President Mike Pence. Dr. Adams previously served as Indiana State Health Commissioner under Mr. Pence's leadership, where he helped reduce infant mortality, led the state through the Ebola crisis, contained the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome virus and helped stop an HIV epidemic in Scott County.

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