5 Resolutions and a Humblebrag to Kickoff 2018

From a shiny new app to helping healthcare organizations learn about tapping into new RPM reimbursement dollars, we’re starting off the year with a bang.

2018: The Year for Digital Health

We think that 2018 will be a huge year for connected health, with breakthroughs in analytics and blockchain technology, expansion of broadband access, tech-enabled patient engagement, wearable sensors, telehealth, and more.

And we’re not alone. Referral MD and Healthcare Tech Outlook see technology significantly impacting healthcare delivery this year, and we’re honored to be included in their roundups of the top connected healthcare technology companies to watch in 2018.


New Year’s Resolutions

But enough humblebragging. Growing a company is a feat, and we love a challenge. How will we push ourselves harder this year? How can we ensure that everything we build is clinician- and patient-first? This year, we resolve to continue to:

  • Encourage people to manage their health by unlocking data in a simple way

  • Make healthcare human by promoting stronger clinician-patient relationships

  • Practice radical transparency in everything we do and create

  • Build tools that make things easier, not tech for tech’s sake

  • Solve problems, don’t create them

So, here’s to a new year! Let’s make better healthcare happen.