It all begins with a conversation

Our clients are our partners, and we ensure that they are set up for success—whatever that may mean for them. At the outset of any partnership, we have in-depth talks with clinician and executive stakeholders to conceptualize and plan a tailored remote care framework:

  • Care delivery goals

  • Patient population selection

  • Incentive and reimbursement models

  • Payer relationships

  • Quality initiatives

  • Competitive differentiation

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Noteworth Dashboard

  • Easily prescribe tailored virtual care models to your patients and assign accompanying care instructions to them.
  • Receive visualized, usable patient-generated health data in continuous Noteworth Reports you can monitor at any time.
  • Set customizable alerts, called Focus Notes. 
  • Streamline your documentation and optimize towards reimbursement goals with the Encounters tracker.

Noteworth App

  • The one-stop place for patients to take readings from each of their connected devices and record contextual information like mood, activity,  or medication adherence.
  • Check-off the daily “to-do list” of prescribed care instructions.
  • Designate a loved one as a Clarity Partner who can help you stay on track.
  • Earn Clarity Points every time you take your readings or add an activity and work up to 100 each week.
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Support + Success

  • Access to our expert team that will work with you to ensure a continuously successful partnership that impacts your care delivery and business goals.
  • Ongoing technical support and training for clinicians
  • Connected device education, concierge setup calls, and ongoing technical support for patients.

Enrollment + Management

  • After enrollment, patients will receive a Noteworth Box of connected devices tailored to the virtual care model they were subscribed.
  • We ensure that patients are successfully enrolled, know how to comfortably use their devices, and make their setup process a breeze.
  • Device maintenance and replacement


At the outset of our partnership, we’ll discover the key elements to your day-to-day, and make sure that our integration pushes and pulls information to and from your EMR in the most useful and efficient way possible.

No EMR? No problem.

We also offer a standalone version of our platform that can be accessed via web.

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It’s simple. A flat, per-patient annual licensing fee covers:

  • All connected clinical devices (no matter how many a patient is prescribed)
  • Ongoing clinician and patient support
  • Patient-generated health data transmission
  • Integrated (or standalone) reporting and monitoring