There are two sides to a virtual care model

We've built for both patients and clinicians.



of patients enrolled in Noteworth remain engaged with the platform for 90+ days


10-20% less

Care for highly engaged patients costs less than patients who are unengaged. (Health Affairs, 2013)

Hospital Building

A flexible platform that grows with you.

Whether transitioning towards value-based care or developing new fee-for-service revenue streams, we work with healthcare organizations of any size, from hospitals and health systems to private practices.

Clinician Workflow Chart

Clinical workflow is sacred.

Our interoperable platform works with your EMR, automatically prioritizes patients that may be in need of an intervention, and helps streamline billing and documentation.

technical support and training check list

We’re here for you from day one.

Our team is here for you and your entire staff for anything you may need, from ongoing technical support and training to ensuring a continuously successful implementation.


Organizations of any Scale

Any Payment Structure

Hospitals, Health Systems

Physician Groups, Clinics


Home Health 



Chronic Care Management

Advanced Care Planning


Value-Based Care


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  • Noteworth is improving how we deliver care, giving us a way to continuously engage and monitor our patients. They have tackled an issue that has application for patient populations with chronic diseases to stay healthy while potentially reducing utilization and readmissions.
    — Joan August, MS
    VP, Service Line Operations | Cedars-Sinai
  • By extending our ‘watch’ outside the walls of our clinic, it shows our patients that we care. We have Noteworth send them connected devices to help each individual move toward better health and get to goal faster. And having their health data written directly back into our EMR is a necessity.
    — Chris McCarthy, MD
    Managing Member, CMO | Palmetto Proactive Healthcare
  • This is a fresh perspective on addressing medical conditions affecting millions. Noteworth actively engages both physicians and patients in manners that have been elusive for so long. This has the potential to effectively transform the management of chronic conditions and impact an industry.
    — Joe E. Dib, MD
    Medical Director, Observation Services | Clara Maass Medical Center
  • Chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and weight issues require significant patient-doctor interactions for education and medication adjustments. Having data is available to review and discuss is a great asset for empowering our patients when they leave the office and are out in the real world.
    — Ruchi Mathur, MD
    Director, Diabetes Outpatient Teaching Education Center | Cedars-Sinai
heart with heart rate line going through it

Grounded in the patient-clinician relationship.

The patient journey with Noteworth begins with an office visit, where their clinician prescribes their virtual care model and instructions, and answers any questions.

clarity points counting up

We meet each of your patients where they are.

Whether a patient is self-driven, or may need a nudge from a loved one or caregiver, we’ve created a series of touchpoints to boost engagement, adherence, and your brand awareness.

customer support phone headset

Patients enrolled in Noteworth are never alone.

From the moment they’re enrolled, our team gives patients the white glove treatment with concierge setup calls, device education, empathetic technical support and more.

  • I have a desk job, so it’s tough to find the time to exercise and do the healthy things I know I should. But I’m working to control my weight by watching what I eat, and when I get home, I take my blood pressure, too. I'm so glad that I can see my progress, and that my doctor sees my daily effort!
    — Renae, 60
  • I wouldn’t call myself super tech savvy, but when I got my Noteworth Box of devices, I got them up and running pretty quickly. This was the kickstart I needed, and I like how the app reminds me when I’m not taking readings often enough.
    — Liesel, 47
  • My doctor had a glucometer and blood pressure monitor sent to me. I take daily readings, the results are sent straight to them, and I occasionally get a call if something is out of whack. It’s nice to know that I’m being monitored by people that care!
    — Ray, 73